Special Ambassador Program


The responsibility of the Ambassador position will be to help promote TFOS initiatives and membership in the Ambassador’s country and region.


Ambassadors will help coordinate the creation of regional reports for publication in TOS, and eventually the organization of regional symposia and/or conferences. Ambassadors will be provided with TFOS resources (e.g. brochures, slides, communication assistance, etc) and given recognition in the TFOS website. 

About Tfos

TFOS is a world leader in eye health education. The purpose of this Society is to advance the research, literacy, and educational aspects of the scientific field of the tear film and ocular surface, Organize and coordinate international conferences, meetings, workshops ...

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TFOS' main objective is to educate & disseminate information widely. We want everyone to be able to access and share TFOS knowledge, for free.

Think Blink Campaign

Did you know that blinking can be helpful for your vision? Dry Eye Awareness gets a much needed boost with the launch of a social global campaign dubbed Think Blink.

Corporate Advisory Board Members

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